Express strip cleaner with turbo solvency power and low alkalinity.
– Universal strip cleaner for all kind of resilient floorings.
– Removes powerful residues of acrylic polishes, waxes, care agents also with old high build stubborn care layers.
– For professional use.
– Low smell.
– Without addition of environmental critical substances like NTA or phosphates.
– pH 9,5-10

Basic cleaning of floorings from PVC, CV, Polyolefins as well as stone floorings. The applicability on locally given linoleum, rubber and surfaces which are already coated with a PU sealing system is to be proofed in unsuspicious area.

Not recommended for solvent sensitive floorings (e.g. Asphalt).

System recommendation in preparation of floorings prior to application of Dr. Schutz sealers.

Remove coarse dirt with a sweeping brush or vacuum cleaner. Tape of adjacent areas and protect from wetting. Application concentration for strip cleaning: pure – 1:5, depending on resistance of care layer and stubborn residues.
Apply rich the cleaning liquor to the floor, distribute and allow to stand for approx. 10 minutes. Clean intensively and slowly the floor surface using a scrubber, Padmaster System or single disc machine with suitable pad or grit brush.
Selection of pads according to subsequent care application. Red pad with wash&care products (Dr. Schutz R1000), green pad with acrylic polish care layers (Dr. Schutz Floor Mat, Floor Shine, Secura, Ultra High Shine, Medica), grey PU Renovation Pad on new floorings with premanufactured permanent finish. In cases of structured
floorings Dr. Schutz Grit Brushes recommended.
Don’t allow liquor for drying during cleaning process, work in sections. Take up dirt liquor. Repeat process if necessary.
Rinse intensively with clear water using single disc machine or Padmaster until complete neutralisation. In case of a subsequent application of any Dr. Schutz sealer combine rinsing with surface sanding with Abranet or Abranop. Remove neutralization liquor properly and allow for drying.
The cleaning result is to be assessed well. Dirt and care layers must be removed. New care application or sealing is to carry out after full drying.
Please note:
– Test flooring in unsuspicious area prior to strip cleaning for color and material resistance.
– Adjacent areas are to be protected efficiently by taping of with Dr. Schutz Safe Tape.
– Don’t wet damageable surfaces uncontrolled with the cleaning liquor.

– On structured floorings or with high build care layers to remove the cleaning liquor removes effectively with help of Dr. Schutz Grit Brushes. Standard recommendation grit brush green, in cases of deeper structured surfaces grit brush red.
– Extremely stubborn residues can be scrubbed off using Dr. Schutz HiPro-Pad. Only recommended with subsequent fine sanding and sealing with Dr. Schutz PU sealers.
– For edges use Dr. Schutz Padmaster.
– If to apply a permanent PU Sealer we recommend during the neutralization step sanding with Dr. Schutz Abranop Extreme for structured surfaces as well as Dr. Schutz Abranet ACE for even surfaces.
– On strip cleaning of lose-lay or not well adhered floorings, esp. LVT, application of cleaning liquor and soak-in time is to be well controlled with smaller sections. Uncontrolled water under the flooring can
result in unpredictable damages.
– Drying of the floor can be supported by good aeration. Acceleration of drying possible with heating or working with fans (e.g. Dr. Schutz TG1).
– Please regard prolonged drying times for absorptive floorings (e.g. lino) and joint areas (esp. with LVT).
– Recommendation: Wear rubber gloves and take care for good aeration during work.
– Please also regard our Technical Information 002: “Pretreatment of surfaces”, where additional information is given.

Strip cleaning: 10 m²/l pure to 50 m²/l in reduction 1:5, liquor application rate 100 ml/m².
Consumption may vary distinctly on situation.
10l 100 m² pure, until 500 m² on reduction 1:5

Store in a cool, dry place in its closed original container. Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.

Data on ingredients: < 5% anionic surfactants, < 5% non-ionic surfactants, perfume (LIMONENE), solvents.
GISCODE: GG 50 (strip cleaner, irritant, solvent containing) pH: approx. 10:0 (concentrate) ADR/RID: not a dangerous good as defined by transport regulations.
CLP: Caution, labelled according to the CLP regulation. For safe handling please refer to Safety Data Sheet.
Completely emptied canisters can be disposed of in domestic waste, or taken to a recycling centre.

Please pay attention to our technical instructions specifically for floors and buildings under


Our following publications in their updated form are valid as an integral part of this fact sheet:
– General notes on the application of Dr. Schutz finishes
– Safety data sheet available on request.
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